Meet the candidates for the 2020 presidential election

By: Nicholas Ratcliff

Multimedia Journalist

The 2020 presidential campaign is under way as Incumbent President Donald Trump runs against former Vice President Joe Biden in an election that comes during a trying time in America due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current President Donald Trump represents the Republicans in the 2020 presidential election whereas former Vice-President Joe Biden represents the Democrats.
Photo Courtesy of USAToday.

Trump is running for reelection under the republican party while Biden is ruing for election as the democratic candidate. Both these candidates support different policies that they think will better benefit the American people.

The first policy difference between the two candidates is how we are supposed to recover from COVID-19. Trump is against a federal mask mandate and wants to leave it up to the States to determine what is best for them, as opposed to Biden who supports a federal mask mandate and would try to convince the governors as well as the public to always wear a mask.

While both candidates support free COVID-19 testing, but Trump would like to leave it in the hands of the state whereas Biden would try to increase federal testing. Both candidates support the fast tracking of a vaccine for the virus, as well as supporting schools to reopen.

Trump would like to withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO) because he feels as if they have handled COVID-19 wrong. Biden would like to remain a part of WHO and would reverse the withdrawal his first day in office.

Biden would also like to raise the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. While Trump has expressed his support for this, he has not officially weighed in on the issue.

Both candidates support the revamped USA-Mexico-Canada trade agreement although Biden has expressed that he does not think it is ideal.

Both candidates also support the Made in America policy although they both want to go about it different ways. Trump wants the federal government to only buy medical goods from the companies in the US, and Biden wants to penalize any company that moves it’s manufactures out of the US that also sell its goods to US citizens.

Biden has promised to reevaluate all the tariffs that have been placed on China under Trump, while Trump stands by his tariffs.

Trump has remained unclear on cutting social security while Biden has stood firm in his stance that he would not cut the program.

Biden would like to reverse the 2017 tax cut but has promised that he would not raise taxes for anyone making less than 400,000 thousand dollars a year. Trump would like to keep the tax plan how it currently is. Biden would like to double the capital gains tax while Trump would like to cut the tax altogether.

Trump does not support the Affordable Health Care Act but Biden does. Both candidates are against defunding the police, however Biden has proposed a plan to allocate an additional 300 million dollars a year to help reform the police.

Biden would like the federal government to fully legalize medical marijuana but would not federally legalize the drug for recreational use. Biden would also like to expunge prior cannabis convictions. Trump is anti-legalization of Marijuana but has stated that it should be left up to the states.

Trump fully supports the death penalty, while Biden is against it. Trump is also a supporter of private prisons and Biden would like to encourage states to stop using them.

Biden does not support voter ID requirements and would like to restore voting rights to felons who completed their sentence and probation. Trump supports voter ID requirements and does not want to restore voting rights to felons.

Trump would like to pass legislation that would limit the number of terms a congressmen or women can hold that office while Biden wants there to be no term limits. Both candidates support the electoral college.

Biden is a firm believer in climate change and wants the federal government to place restrictions that limit what we contribute to greenhouse gasses. While Trump has stated that climate change might be real, he does not want the government to be in charge of reducing our greenhouse gases.

Trump has a firm stance on immigration and would like to rebuild the wall between the US and Mexico. Biden, however, does not support the wall and has a much more laid-back stance on immigration.

Biden is pro-choice or pro-abortion and believes that the federal government should help pay for the procedure as opposed to Trump who is pro-life or anti-abortion.

While neither candidate supports taking away the second amendment, Trump is against the federal assault rifle ban, while Biden supports it. Biden also supports a background check on everyone who is buying a gun while Trump has remained unclear.

Trump is pushing back on LGBTQ rights by rolling back on protection programs that were put in place to support their community. Biden fully supports the LGBTQ community and would do everything he could to help protect them as a group.

The presidential election will be Nov. 3 and the winner will be announced following the tallying of votes.

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