Memorial Stadium expansion to be completed by end of summer

Sarah Hayner

Associate Producer

Tarleton’s Memorial Stadium will be dedicated August 20, 2019.

The renovation and expansion broke ground October 2017. It was originally set to be completed before the first kick off of 2018. Almost two years later, the renovation is finally coming to an end.

Tarleton Memorial Stadium has a new face after its renovation.
Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

Tarleton spokesperson Cecilia Jacobs expects the stadium to be completed before the new school year.

“Plans call for construction of the stadium to be completed by the Aug. 20 dedication,” said Jacobs.

Students have speculated whether graduation ceremonies will move from their current venue, Wisdom Gym, to the new stadium. Jacobs confirmed that these rumors are false.

“At this time, commencement ceremonies will remain in Wisdom Gym,” Jacobs said.

Donna Strohmeyer, the Executive Director of Student Services, plans the ceremonies and currently has no intention of moving the venue.

“I have been coordinating commencement since 2013. We have utilized Wisdom gym for every ceremony since 2013. Prior to that most of the ceremonies were held at the gym with the exception of a few spring ceremonies which were held in the stadium. To my knowledge, there have been no discussions of moving the ceremonies to the newly renovated stadium,” Strohmeyer explained.  

Peter Schmid, assistant director of office of facilities, recalled the beginning of the construction beginning at $21,784,850. The total starting amount including construction, furnishings, design and fees was 26,400,000.

Since the delay from the rain this past spring, the construction budget has gone up a “rough $984,000.”

“Gaps in design and weather delays” brought the entire budget to “$26,768,901… in that neighborhood,” Schmid said.

The dedication will happen just weeks before the start of the 2019 football season, which is set to kick off Sept. 7.

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