Mitt Romney and Barack Obama vs The Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears

By Aida Delgado –

While The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears will be battling it out on the football field, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will be doing the exact same thing, off of the field. These two presidential candidates will be going head to head against Monday Night Football for viewers tonight during the presidential elections.

While I’m sure the game, despite the fact that it’s the Lions and Bears, will have a high amount of viewers especially those who are interested in fantasy football, I’m not so sure I can say the same about the Presidential debate. Students and nonstudents alike find it far more important to see which team will improve their record, and by team I am not talking about the Republicans or Democrats. Some do not even care about the actual game, so why is it that people would rather keep up with sports, the X Factor or would rather be doing other things and not worry about which president will improve our economy with elections right around the corner?

Emily Salinas, a Junior at Tarleton and a speech communication major, says she has not watched any of the debates.

“There’s always plenty of newsfeed about them on Facebook,” she told me in a message, “I guess that would be how I get my information, but I’m not as interested in politics as I should be so I am not registered to vote. I probably won’t because I don’t feel I know enough, and if I did, social media certainly wouldn’t impact who I chose.“

Other than popular shows on television, work can be a problem when it comes to watching the debates.

Ashley Arapis, a Senior communications major at Tarleton, says this is what prevents her from watching the debates. “I watched the first debate, but I had to work when the other ones were on. I get on the internet to see the highlights from the debates that I missed.” Although she cannot watch tonight’s presidential debate due to work she will be recording it to watch tomorrow. Ashley says she is a registered voter and will be voting.

Edgar Estrada who is a Junior at The University of Texas at Arlington and majoring in broadcasting is a sports fanatic and even at that said he’d be tuning in to the debate tonight. “Debates happen only every 4 years and the fact that Romney won the first one and then Obama won the second one, this is the tie breaker!” When asked if he would change his mind if his favorite team was playing he said “Even if the Cowboys were playing I would only miss the first 2 quarters of the game.”

Others had some very interesting comments for why they would not be watching the debate and why they would rather watch the football game. Emanuel Galvan says, “Politics are rigged, football isn’t,” while Richard Alejandro Vidana said, “Football because I could care less for either dumbass…I’d rather watch a debate when a MEXICAN is running for president,” adding that, “It doesn’t matter here in Texas either way because we all know the Republican always wins here. I didn’t even bother to register to vote because of that. I’m going to be summoned to jury duty because I registered myself to vote and wasted my time voting for something I already knew the outcome of? Nah, I’m good.”

Viviana Trujillo commented on Facebook saying she would be watching neither. “I would rather be sleeping.” When asked why she replied “1, I don’t understand football, 2, debate is nothing but a bunch of promises that will only be broken.”

Edluar Martinez showed little to no interest in either program, saying, “Any soccer games on at the moment this is happening?”

As of tomorrow morning, not only will many have their mind made up of who they will vote for, we will also know who got the most views from the Presidential debate and the football game by comparing the ratings of each television show. That being said, we will come to a rough conclusion of what people find more important. Why should Obama or Romney keep their promises if we can’t dedicate any of our time to see what they have to say?

Aida Delgado is anchor of El Noticiero Texan TV at Tarleton State University, which airs on and each Friday afternoon.

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