Move-in mystery money rests with Tarleton police

By Brandi Addison—

Staff Writer

Tarleton Police Chief Matt Welch is hoping to reunite a “substantial amount of cash” found on campus during move-in with its owner.

“I don’t want to be too specific with the details of where or when,” Welch said, “because anyone can just call up here and say, ‘Hey, I lost the money.’ But one thing I can mention is that it was lost during move-in time.”

“The owner would definitely know if they lost their money or the money their parents gave them,” he added.

The stack of cash was found by another student and turned over to police.

Welch said it was “awesome” that a Tarleton student “came forward and turned in this substantial amount of cash.”

“We want to find the rightful owner of it,” he continued, “and if the individual can identify the date, place and amount, we will return it to them.”

He added a side note that there have been multiple car keys turned into the police department as well—including a set of Lexus keys, which could cost up to around $100 to replace.

If police can not find the person who lost the money, the chief said that it will probably go to the student who found it.

“After a sufficient amount of time, if the cash is not claimed, I think we will give it to the person who found it—that’s what would happen in any other scenario,” he said.

To claim the money, contact the University Police Department at (254) 968-9002.

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