Opinion: 10 things to know before moving in

By Katy McQuillan—

Staff Writer

  1. We don’t know when all the construction will be over:
    • Yes, it’s annoying and slightly unnecessary. Yes, we know you can’t get to English 1301 from the parking lot. You have to go around and probably through certain buildings to get to class on time. Sorry, not sorry and welcome to college! 😊
  2. The public transportation buses are hit or miss:
    • Sometimes they make it on time and sometimes they don’t, so just beware of that and ride them at your own risk.
  3. Chick-fil-a on campus is amazing until you’ve eaten there two weeks in a row and are now out-of-pocket $100:
    • I know it’s nice being able to eat whatever you want whenever you want, but just be careful because it is really expensive to eat out several times a week, especially if you’re on a meal plan. Your best bet is to just stick to that meal plan.
  4. The Purple Poo is probably going to be on campus an awful lot during the first couple of weeks of school:
    • Yes, they can be kind of scary, but they’re all really nice and are just messing with you. They’ll probably take a picture with you if you ask nicely. However, if they just completely freak you out too much, then don’t make eye contact with them and they’ll leave you alone.

      Welcome to Tarleton State! Photo courtesy of www.tarleton.edu

  5. If you brought a car with you to college, please study the ways on how to stop at 4-way stops:
    • Apparently, Stephenville is the capital of “I don’t know how to stop at a 4-way.” Learn how to use them and then teach your friends.
  6. We have a few bars in town and they all compete on wells and beer prices:
    • Please, for the love of all things holy, pace yourself, eat a decent meal before you start drinking. I suggest any of our fast food chains, your meal plan, Agave inside City Limits, the Purple Goat, etc. Just please eat before drinking, and most of all please make sure there is a designated driver.
  7. Parking tickets are a thing. They are expensive. And you will get one:
    • You probably should have been saving all summer for all the parking tickets you will get. The first one is usually forgiven. You’ll usually get them at the lovely times you were inside for literally ten minutes between 4:30 and 5.
  8. Get your Fitbit on because you’ll most likely be parking at the football field unless you wake up an hour before class and find somewhere closer to park:
    • I can count on one hand how many times I was able to park anywhere remotely close to a building I needed and it was probably between 3:00 and 5:00. Otherwise, I was cutting it close to being late to a class because it takes at least ten minutes to find a spot at the football field and at least ten minutes to walk to class from that spot.
  9. I don’t suggest wearing fancy clothes to class the first couple of weeks of school:
    • You will sweat way too much from parking way too far while it is way too hot outside.
  10. Last, but not least: Tarleton is full of tradition, and Stephenville is full of bars and we have a rowdy time all week long:
    • For those of you legal drinkers of course, I hope your alcohol tolerance is high because you will make life-long friends in this town, and you will drink way too much way too often. Tarleton is the best kept secret in Texas and your hometown friends will be jealous of how awesome it is here. Make the best of it and Go Texans!


Disclaimer: Texan News Service does not advocate under-age drinking.

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