OPINION: Bad Professors

Katelyn Rivera—

Staff Writer

“Do whatever you can to avoid taking this professor.”

In my three-and-a-half years as a student at Tarleton State University, I have heard this advice from other students too many times.

Many students, including myself, rely heavily on ratemyprofessor.com when it comes to preparing for registration. I’ve known quite a few students that have put off a course that they need just to avoid taking a certain professor. You’ll hear from so many students and sometimes other faculty about how terrible some professors are at this university.

I’ve been put in a situation where I have been stuck with the same professor who I and other classmates cannot learn from. We end up getting “stuck” because we have no other options for professors. Usually, we have to take a course where there is only one professor available to teach it. Why are there such limited options for multiple professors who teach a certain course? Is it because it is a small university? Does Tarleton have trouble finding other good professors to teach this course? Do professors just not want to teach here? I know my university is filled with some of the greatest professors because I have had the opportunity to take courses with many of them. I wouldn’t doubt that the number of “bad” professors is just a handful of the entire faculty.

Students should be heard when it comes to how well a professor is performing in their classroom. The opinions of students really matter in cases like this because it is our education and the professors who teach the course play an important role.

Before any student can receive their final grades, they must fill out an evaluation form for that specific professor. Many times, students may just quickly fill it out without taking time to do it honestly and thoroughly. I’m guilty of doing that. I can honestly say that I often wonder if those evaluations are being read and considered. If they are then I highly encourage other students to fill out an honest evaluation for their professors. This is something I recently started doing for every course. I hope that my voice is being heard and my opinion along with every other student is being considered.

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