Paradigm in the City of Angels

By Patrick Hogan—

Tarleton State University’s Paradigm Bible study group is in Los Angeles for spring break.

One of these members is group leader Elizabeth Lempeotis, a sophomore public relations event management major. The self-proclaimed military brat has been a member of Paradigm for a year and a half.

Lempeotis said the group, lead by Ryan and Amy Wood, is going to the L.A. and Compton area to do some construction work to help beautify the neighborhoods and repair houses. They are roofing, tiling, painting and doing demolition work. They will also be doing evangelism during their spare time.

The group of 150 students and 12 leaders took two charter buses from TSU to California. They left on Friday evening and will return Saturday. Paradigm students raised over $10,000 for their trip through fund raisers including a raffle, bake sales and some help from a local church.

When asked what she expected to get from her trip, Lempeotis said, ” I have tried extremely hard recently to not put expectations on things because you only look for those things and you might miss what God wants you to get from it.”

Photo courtesy of Paradigm's Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Paradigm’s Facebook page.

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