Peacock’s supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Katy Tonkin—

Staff Writer

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Peacock’s Restaurant is providing free mammograms to all of their female employees during the month of October. Peacock’s is also offering free meals to customers who bring in a receipt showing that they have gotten a mammogram this month.

“Our manager, Judy Bissonnette, had first come up with the idea for free screenings to all employees,” said Steve Peacock, the owner of the restaurant.

They then extended their promotion to customers by providing a free meal to each female customer who brings in a receipt showing that she purchased a mammogram.

“I went further with the idea [of] offering a free meal to people who bring in a receipt… showing that they got a mammogram,” said Peacock. This is offered for dine-in only at both of the Stephenville locations.

“What got me thinking about it was my brother got diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer,” Bissonnettee said. She hopes this idea will keep people thinking about the topic.

Stephenville Medical and Surgical Clinic is performing the examinations for the employees this week and next week.

There are two locations of Peacock’s Restaurants in Stephenville: 1615 W South Loop and 1700 W Lingleville Rd.

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