Plowboys raising funds to support one of their own

By Trent Lintzen–

There is something special happening at the Bonfire this year.

Normally the proceeds from the bonfire would go towards helping pay for the fuel and other needs.

This year, however, the Plowboys learned that one of their own, Seth Claybaker, a Tarleton alumni, is having a tough battle against Crohn’s Disease.

The money spent to hang the 4-foot by 4-foot plywood boards on the bonfire stack will be donated to Claybaker.

To have a decorated board hung on the stack costs $50 and must be delivered and paid for by Thursday.

Plowboys President Justin Wolff hopes this year’s bonfire will help Claybaker make a comeback.

“With the help of the school and community, we could help save another life and extend our help and prayers to their family, ”  Wolff said.

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