Review of David’s Seafood: rustic, Italian charm meets seafood savvy

Stephanee Rhodes

Texan News Service

Upon entering this rustic, cabin- themed restaurant, I was greeted by a very cheerful host.  I waited all of about 20 seconds before I was seated in a glossy wooden booth (which was great for decoration, but horrid for comfort). As I glanced around the room I noticed mounted deer heads, fish and a rather large stuffed bear. The dimmed lights and glow of the fire gave the illusion of being on vacation in the Colorado mountains, almost making me forget where I was.

As I turned my head, I saw the owner and chef, David, greeting and shaking many of the customer’s hands. He wore a bright “look what I caught” expression as he made his way toward us and placed some crackers and a spread on our table. “This is a dip I have made from smoked grouper. Enjoy.” David said delightfully.  The dip was delicious, with a prominent smoked taste and small chunks of bacon. The portion was very small but extremely filling.

In a few minutes we were ordering and chatting with the waiter about David’s many fishing trips. I was surprised to hear that he not only is the cook of his own establishment, but the fisherman as well.

The shrimp parmesan came out steaming hot and the smell of the sauce was mouthwatering. It was an extremely large portion, all of which was covered in melted parmesan cheese.  The shrimp was fried perfectly golden brown and had a “melt in your mouth” effect.  The tomato sauce, which covers this magnificent dish, is light and traditional.

When it comes to Italian food, David executes it perfectly, while also incorporating seafood.

After such a large-portioned meal it was difficult to have room for desert. But David’s Seafood is not only recognized for David’s way with food from the sea, but also his amazing bread pudding. The bread pudding is a surprisingly light, creamy and sweet desert. The pudding is served as a small square, with baked apple slices, and a maple syrup sauce poured over it. Not having a sweet tooth will not keep you from this dish.

The price at David’s Seafood is as expected, especially for fine dining (not over-priced, but definitely not under). The restaurant certainly has such a homey feel you cannot argue with their slogan: “New Guests are only friends that we haven’t met yet.”

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