RL&L hosts first ever Sock Hop Night

By Alyssa Winn – 

Tarleton students were getting their groove on after the TexAnns’ and Texans’ basketball games Saturday night.

Residential Living and Learning (RL&L) hosted the first ever sock hop after the men’s basketball game to provide the students with some fun. The sock hop was a popular dance in the 1950s and RL&L brought it back to Tarleton for a night.

Students dance to the 'Wobble' at Saturday's Sock Hop Night hosted by RL&L. (Landon Haston, Texan News Service)

Students dance to the ‘Wobble’ at Saturday’s Sock Hop Night hosted by RL&L. (Landon Haston, Texan News Service)

Residential leaders handed out socks to the 150 students in attendance. The students enjoyed choosing from bright colors such as pink, blue, orange, and of course purple. They left their shoes in the bleachers and swarmed onto the floor to dance to a variety of songs, from hip hop to country.

Lathes Towns, the Director of Transition and Family Relations, helped coordinate the event and talked about how the sock hop was planned. “It’s a welcome back party for the students this week. The sock hop came along because we have to protect the floor for the volleyball team. Also we thought this would be kind of neat—taking back old style for the students,” she said.

Residential Leader Dakota Shultz was having a good time with friends and enjoying the event.

“I have a couple of residents here. I am excited to hang out with them and just have a care free time,” she said.

The floor was crowded with students showing off their moves and teaching them to friends. Texan Rider Jordan McCrory was one of the many students dancing the night away. McCrory had her own reasons for coming to the sock hop.

“The free socks for sure. I love socks; I have a collection of them. Plus getting together with friends dancing is always fun,” she said.


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