Russ McDanel


Russ McDanel.
Photo courtesy of the city of Stephenville.

Russ McDanel is running for City Council, Place 4.

1.      What is your current occupation?

I wear several hats. For nearly 20 years, I’ve delivered mail in Stephenville for the United States Post Office. In that capacity I’m able to maintain daily contact with hundreds of my constituents. I’m also a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker since 1981 and own a self-storage company that I previously managed for 25 years. I know what it means to meet the needs of clients, to work hard and deal with often frustrating government bureaucracy.

2.      If applicable, what positions on Council have you held before?

I was first elected to the City Council in May of 2008 and have served two subsequent terms. During that time, I have been the Chairman of the Public Health and Safety Committee and served on the Planning and Development, Environmental Management and Nominations Committees for the Council.

3.      What has motivated you to be involved in city government?

I am a product of our strong community. My education from 6th grade through high school graduation was in the Stephenville Independent School District. From there I continued my education at Tarleton State University, graduating with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Through each step of my education, my love for Stephenville grew, as did my desire to serve our community. In 2008 I believed I could have a positive impact on our community through joining the Council and voters have agreed in the subsequent elections. I’m asking for another vote of confidence on May 10th.

4.      What qualifies you to hold this position?

As an incumbent on the City Council, I believe that my voting record is what Stephenville residents will use to judge my qualification to serve. Since my first election in 2008, I’ve worked to make sure that Stephenville is a friendly environment for both business and residential growth. I’ve voted against irresponsible tax increases and for improvements to our aging infrastructure. I am proud of my record on the City Council and hope that voters will review it carefully before voting on May 10th.

5.      What are your goals upon being elected?

Below are the three issues facing the City Council which I believe to be the most important and that I want to work on in my next term:

(a.i.1.a) Generating the revenues needed to fully fund the City Pay Plan for our hard working employees, without burdening the taxpayers with irresponsible tax increases in the future.

(a.i.1.b) Implementing an orderly growth plan that supports our current businesses and industries, as well as attracting new businesses to provide vital goods and services. This will alleviate the need for our citizens to travel elsewhere to find them while also adding jobs to our community and growing our city revenue without raising taxes.

(a.i.1.c) Operating and improving our City’s aging infrastructure without unnecessary increases in user fees. Increased fees are a de facto tax and many of the citizens I interact with are frustrated by frequent increases.

6.      Why would/should a Stephenville resident want to vote for you?

I believe that the most important attributes of a public servant are a willingness to listen to input from citizens and the work ethic to seek it out. I have both. I interact with hundreds of Stephenville residents on a daily basis and I make myself routinely available to the people I serve. Whether it’s advice, critiques and ideas or just to chat, I’m here to listen. That has been the hallmark of my service so far and I will continue that record in my next term.

7.      What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?

I enjoy spending my free time attending ball games, community fundraisers, fishing and spending time with my loved ones. Between work and my community responsibilities I stay quite busy so I try to get the most out of the free time I do get.