Schuster, Gore voted student body president, vice president

By Makenzie Plusnick—

Opinion Editor

Photo from Tyler Schuster

Tarleton’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the results from their student body president and vice president election at their meeting on Wednesday. Tyler Schuster was voted into the student body president position and Brendan Gore into the vice president position.

The pair’s campaign focused on three things: students, involvement in Stephenville, and growing tradition, which was also the name of their campaign.

“We want to help tradition grow for the future and hold onto the things that made us who we are today,” Schuster explained.

Gore also feels passionately about Tarleton.

“For me, these first two years I’ve been here at Tarleton have really shaped my life for the better,” Gore said. “They’ve changed a lot of things. They made me into a person I never thought I could and created a leader in me that I never even knew that I had. I just want to give that back to the rest of the students and have the same experience that I had and enjoy it as much as I do.”

Schuster originally became involved in SGA because she wanted to know how to make a difference.

“I didn’t know who represented the college of ag, and I wanted to know who I could go to if I had concerns,” she said. “So, applications opened, and I thought, ‘Why not me?’”

Gore’s SGA involvement began after a friend invited him.

“They were missing a congress seat for the college of science and technology and one of my friends in SGA just invited me,” Gore said. “At the time I was trying to get involved with anything I could and I wasn’t going to turn down their invite, so I was like, ‘Heck yeah’ and came to a couple of meetings and checked it out. Then the time came up to campaign and run for that position and I ran for the college of science and technology.”

Gore added, “I feel very honored to be able to serve the student body of Tarleton State University. I can’t wait to help the student body grow and help SGA grow as an organization. I am excited to hear the problems and concerns of as many students on campus as possible, listen to their problems and get quality legislation written to better our university.”

Schuster was thrilled to win the election.

“I am very excited and honored to have the opportunity to represent the students here at Tarleton,” she said. “I look forward to helping Tarleton grow and continue to be the Best Kept Secret in Texas. My goal is to help student voices be heard to work closely with them to ensure their time on our campus is valued.”

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