Senior Farewell: Blanca

By Blanca Izquierdo

Mulitimedia Journalist

I grew up in a society where if you want to be happy you need to get validation from others. As a woman, some ways to get this validation are fitting in a zero size, wearing expensive clothes, or taking good selfies. I used to think that way. For many years, my happiness was based on what other people thought of me. I was making a huge effort to fit in, to be popular, and to be liked.

When I came to Tarleton, I met some wonderful people who made me question what true happiness was. Even though I am still searching for a better answer, I think happiness is waking up every morning knowing that everything is possible because you’re alive. I had many wonderful mentors during these years at Tarleton. They have helped me to have a voice and to understand that everyone has a different definition of happiness. Find yours, embrace it, and be thankful for it every day of your life. Don’t try to impress others, inspire them.

I am forever thankful for my Tarleton professors, coaches, teammates, and friends for all the beautiful experiences and lessons. I will hold these memories near and dear to my heart.

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