SGA passes dance minor resolution

By: Makenzie Plusnick

Opinion Editor

SGA passed resolution H-19 on Wednesday. This resolution moved to offer a dance minor at Tarleton. Marissa Lechon, congressperson for the Multicultural Student Organization, and Erika Munoz, At Large congressperson, sponsored this piece.

The resolution reads, “Students interested in dance must direct their career towards education, kinesiology and/or may have to continue their studies elsewhere in order to obtain a concentration of dance.” 

Lechon hopes that this minor will draw more potential students. 

“The reason behind this legislation is because I thought it was important, having our Texan Stars being nationally known and our cheerleading team being nationally known, our future students might want to become because of the programs, but it is important to have the academic side as well,” Lechon said. 

She also thinks the popularity of dance classes at the recreational center is a sign that this will be a popular minor.

“A lot of people attend those classes. Having those classes and the academic side of it could be popular,” Lechon added.

SGA members expressed their support for this resolution during discussion. Many of them are glad that this will be an opportunity for future students and expressed that they never considered this possibility before Lechon and Munoz brought this to their attention. 

The resolution was passed unanimously. 

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