Six Flags packed for Fright Fest

By Jordan Trumble

Texan News Service 

Six Flags Over Texas is not only crowded in the summer, it’s also popping in Fright Fest season. I had not been there since the 8th grade and wondered if it was still as awesome as I remembered. The weather was perfect for mid-October and the park was incredibly crowded. Excited to experience Six Flags in holiday mode, I was overjoyed immediately and felt 13 again. 

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays, which would explain why so many people were there that day. If I had gone on a weekday it may have been easier to get on more rides and avoid dreading the many hours of waiting in line. Being at Six Flags from open to close and only getting to ride two roller coasters was not the highlight of the excursion, but the entertaining shows definitely made up for it.

My family and I rushed to get first-come first-serve tickets to the 8:45 showing of “Welcome to Arania’s Nightmare.” I wasn’t sure what the show would be about, just that it was Halloween themed and some sort of comedy. I was immediately intrigued by the posters and long line waiting outside the David Blackburn Southern Palace. 

At 8:30 the doors to the palace opened and the line began to rush through the big white doors. The auditorium was beautifully lit with green and blue, creating a spooky cemetery feeling. There was ghostly music playing in the background and a cotton candy man working the crowd as we waited for the show to start. The atmosphere alone excited the crowd. 

The narrator explained to the audience that Arania, the black widow that has been married 13 times, is searching for her 14th husband. Then, the music began and the characters brought life, comedy and Halloween to the audience. The show was very humorous for both kids and adults. 

If you enjoy theater, musicals and Halloween, this show is for you. Almost every song was familiar to the crowd in some way and had everyone clapping and dancing in their seats. If you are not one who enjoys roller coasters, Fright Fest is worth the trip for the shows alone. They work very hard to grab their visitors’ attention and put them in an excited holiday mood.

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