SM Wildwood Arena set to open its gates Oct. 22

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SM Wildwood Arena will offer a variety of amenities. Photo courtesy of

SM Wildwood Arena and Equine Facility will open its doors on Oct. 22.

SM Wildwood is a private arena that offers a sound system, big fans, Black Widow arena drag, wind screens, adjustable roping boxes, Farm Tek Timers, Farm Tek Barriers, and a fully enclosed announcer stand.

Wildwood is available for a variety of events, from horse clinics to weddings and reunions. 

The owner, Sarah Miller, moved to Texas in 2016 to further pursue more rodeo and breeding opportunities. She found the property that the arena now sits on and fell in love with the location right away. From there, Wildwood was born. The facility was created to be a unique place for dreamers, ropers, breeders, barrel racers, and event goers alike. Miller made sure that everything was built with great detail and even more care.

“I wish there was some great story behind it, but it all just sort of snowballed into a business. As I was building an arena, I received a lot of outside requests to be able to use it. I noticed that it became something that seemed to be needed by the community,” Miller explained.

Sarah Miller owns the venue. Photo courtesy of

Miller’s own struggles while on the road inspired some of the venue’s features.

“I decided to do the trailer hookups for layovers and short stays, because of the need I had for them when I would travel with my horses. It was hard to find places that were clean and safe for my animals along the way,” she said.

Miller’s go-to-guy Cory Ridens, who she refers to as “the second half of the team”, can usually be found riding the tractor or working to maintain the grounds. Sarah and Cory, as well as many others, work hard to keep it looking beautiful for everyone who comes through the gate.

“I am hoping to be a facility that is known for high standards and will continue to be a place where people who want to be serious about furthering their skills or profession can come and do just that. I strive to provide a place where everything is taken care of and all you have to do is show up and focus on yourself and your horse,” Miller said.

SM Wildwood Arena offers lodging, an arena, and more.

“We rent the arena out by the hour and by the day. We rent out for clinics as well and have several stalls and trailer hookups for weekend contestants. If you’re in Stephenville and need a place to stay, an arena to rent, or your next future rodeo star, we can probably help you out!” Miller said.

SM Wildwood Arena is located at 1575 Counted Road 454 in Stephenville, Texas.

For Events and Marketing, contact Sarah Miller via email:

For Breeding Manager and Horse Sales, contact Brittany Kelly via email:

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