Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith (5 out of 5 Stars)

By Rafael Sanchez – 

In the third installment of the series “An Evening with Kevin Smith” titled “Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith,” Smith serves up his usual witty banter of crazy stories. He talks about everything from his experiences with A list celebrities and big shots in Hollywood to re-writing scenes for Live Free or Die Hard. Directors Zak Knutson and Joey Figueroa don’t miss a beat on capturing Smith’s true comedic nature. The hilarity in this four hour flick is one of pure genius that any Smith fan will truly appreciate.  It’s a bit of a long film, so if you have an extra four hours to devote to watching it, you’ll enjoy it; if not, then you can watch it in multiple sittings.

In previous “Evening” films, Smith answered multiple questions in just a few minutes and drew out some of the explanations for the questions. In this installment, Smith only answers a few questions, but with great stories. He shares anecdotes ranging from when he was a child growing up in Red Bank, to working with Bruce Willis, to having an anal fissure during jury duty, and filming his last movie “Red State” before he retired.

Recorded on his 37th birthday in his home town of Red Bank, New Jersey, the video opens with Smith standing in front of the hospital where he was born, wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette, describing his birthplace.  We move to the venue where his elegantly-dressed wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, and his daughter Harley Quinn Smith (yes, they did name their daughter after the villain and love interest of the Joker from the Batman series) introduce him on stage.  Smith’s comedic genius performance is comprised of audience members asking Smith questions about working in Hollywood and different aspects of his personal life. Smith uses very colorful language, including profanity and expletives, to illustrate his story visually.

Smith is posed the question of whether he would ever do a children’s movie just so his daughter could watch it. From there, Smith segues into the story of his little dachshund, Shecky, that his wife “explicitly” told him not to get, but of course Smith purchases it anyway.  In true Kevin Smith style, he goes off on a wild tangent completely away from answering the actual question that was originally asked.  Smith answers each question in stride with a humor that only he can dish out.

Smith serves up a fantastic plate of great hilarious stories with each great question that is asked and deserves a five star rating. So sit tight and enjoy the hilarity that will ensue with all the “An Evening with Kevin Smith” films.

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