Southwest Regional Dairy Center undergoes repairs before opening

By Hannah Langford and Landon Haston – 

The long awaited Southwest Regional Dairy Center opens May 5 even as the contractor is making repairs to the state-of-the-art lagoon system that would filter the wastewater from the facility.

University spokesman Rod Davis said a sidewall to a lagoon failed to meet specifications set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

“The lining will be repaired, at no cost to Tarleton, and possibly repacked, depending on what needs to be done once the drying and further inspections are carried out,” Davis said in an email.

TCEQ spokesman Terry Clawson said the agency was asked by Tarleton to review a lab analysis of the lagoon, and after visiting with Tarleton and the project managers at Texas AgriLife Extension, decided to have the contractor fix the liner.

“TCEQ appreciates Tarleton’s efforts to ensure proper pond liner construction before making the facility operational,” Clawson said in an email.

“The process is expected to take a few months,” Davis added.

The grand opening of the Southwest Regional Dairy Center begins at 10:30 a.m. and will be held in conjunction with Southwest Dairy Day.

Neither Dr. Don Cawthon, nor Dr. Barry Lambert, returned comments to reporters.

The university is expected this week to announce the contract for operation of the facility.

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