Staff editorial: What we hope for in the next Tarleton president

Tarleton State University has began its search for a new president and Texan News Service is sad to see Dr. Dottavio leaving, but also excited to see who his predecessor will be. Tarleton has been encouraging students to give their input through forums and online surveys. The TNS staff also has different hopes for the next president of this university.

We hope to see a president who genuinely cares about student success. While growing the university and making our campus a beautiful place is important, their main priority should be helping students succeed academically, whether that is through expanding departments or supplying more supplemental services to students.

We also want to see a president who values tradition as much as Dr. Dottavio does. Tarleton thrives on tradition and is continuously adding new ones to its resume. We want the next president to love traditions as much as the students do and encourage their continuation.

TNS staff would like to see a diverse president. Every past president of this campus has been a white male. Though these presidents have brought great things to Tarleton and have helped the school grow in various ways, a diverse president could bring new ideas to the table through their unique experiences. Whether that means the next president is a women, a person of color, or are diverse in some other way, we hope that advisory committee considers candidates who are different from what we have had in the past.

The Texan News Service staff is excited to see who the next president will be and what they will bring to this great university. They have big shoes to fill.

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