Meet the Team


(Top; left to right:) Arynn Tomson, Alejandra Arreguin, Ashley Ford, Bianca Barajas, Danny Hernandez, Channing Flatt, Rebecca Hernandez,Latricia Powell, Ariel Steele

(Bottom; left to right:) Emily Cowart, Quanecia Fraser, Sydney Burns, Ashley Inge

Quanecia Fraser.jpg

Quanecia Fraser,             Editor in Chief

Quanecia Fraser is the Texan News Service editor-in-chief. She is a sophomore, majoring in Communications, with a focus in Broadcast Journalism. Fraser is also involved in Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), BOLD, and Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society. During her internship with Texan News, Fraser wants to grow as a journalist, while also encouraging her co-workers to reach their own goals with TNS. Her long-term career goal is to become a T.V news anchor, hosting her own news special. She lives her life to the tune of “the heights that great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward through the night.” Fraser looks up to her mother, her brother Quincy, Dan and Kathryn Malone, Robin Roberts, Barbara Walters, Tamron Hall, Don Lemon and Cynthia Izaguirre.

Interests: filming makeup tutorials, watching documentaries, and shopping.

Emily Cowart.jpg

Emily Cowart, Managing Editor

Emily Cowart is the managing editor for Texan News Service. She is a senior Communications major, focusing in Public Relations and Event Management. Cowart is part of SPJ, Delta Phi Epsilon, Residential Living and Learning, and National Society of Leadership and Success. She is looking forward to gaining experience and further expanding her portfolio and writing skills at TNS. Her goals include working on her own column and making a name for herself in the entertainment media. Her life motto is: “Don’t give up on a dream because of the amount of time it will take- the time will pass anyways.” Cowart looks up to her mom and dad, and Tina Fey.

Interests: knitting, painting, celebrity autobiographies, and watching Netflix.

Arynn tomson 1.jpg

Arynn Tomson, Art Director

Arynn Tomson is the art director for Texan News Service. She is a sophomore English major with a minor in Art. She is also a member of SPJ. At TNS, Tomson wants to gain experience in artistic design and journalism, and be able to network with people for her future career. Her long-term goals are to become a graphic designer or a professor of English or Art.

Interests: drawing, painting, music, reading, writing, and watching documentaries.


Shelby Clayton, Cross Timbers Trails Editor

Shelby Clayton is the Cross Timbers Trails editor. She is a senior Agricultural Communications major. Clayton is also involved in Alpha Omicron Pi as their Alumnae Relations Chairman, Ag Communicators of Tomorrow, Alpha Zeta and SPJ. She is excited to publish an excellent magazine with a working website. Her life motto is: “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” Clayton is influenced by her mother and Nellie Bly.


Sydney Burns, Executive Producer

Sydney Burns is the Texan TV News executive producer and a junior Communications in Broadcast Journalism major. She is involved in SPJ, Honors College, and serves as historian for Alpha Omicron Pi. Burns wants to gain experience to broaden her portfolio, help her co-workers with new ideas and editing, and to be able to learn from others while also sharing her knowledge. Her life motto is: “Do more of what makes you happy!” Burns is influenced by Shawn Johnson and her cousin, Shaylee.

Interests: photography, videography, crafting, and reading

Ariel Steele.jpg

Ariel Steele, Associate Producer

Ariel Steele is an associate producer for Texan TV News. She is a senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. She hopes to become a versatile, well-rounded journalist with a vast knowledge in her career field. She is excited to strengthen her writing abilities and learn how to work with the production equipment used in TTV. She lives by the motto: “Present sacrifices yield future rewards.” Her role models are: her parents and grandma, Gwen Ifill, Anderson Cooper, and Kathryn Jones-Malone.

Interests: cooking, reading, makeup and fashion, and Tarleton basketball.

Rebecca Hernadez.jpg

Rebecca Hernandez, Associate Producer

Rebecca Hernandez is an associate producer for Texan TV News. She is a junior Communications major, focusing in Broadcast Journalism. She is involved in SPJ and Tarleton’s KXTR radio station. Hernandez wants to continue learning and growing within TNS. She is looking forward to writing for sports, taking photos for CTT and TNS, and getting published in outside news outlets. Her life motto is: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; it is the source of all true art and science.” Hernandez looks up to her mom and dad, Catt Sadler, Lauren Conrad, Enrique Acevedo, and Alexa Chung.

Alejandra Arreguin

Alejandra Arreguin, Graduate Assistant

Alejandra Arreguin is a graduate assistant for Texan News Service. She is getting her Master’s in Communication Studies and is involved in the Hispanic Debutante Association of Fort Worth. Arreguin wants to improve her portfolio in both print and video and help create a new intro for TTV. She follows the motto: “Wing it until you end up where you need to be.” Her influences in life are her mother and Deborah Ferguson.


Channing Flatt, Sports Reporter


Channing Flatt is the sports reporter for Texan News Service. He reports on all Tarleton athletics events in his show, Texan Sports Minute, with Texan TV News. Flat is a junior majoring in Mass Communications. He is a member of SPJ and Kappa Delta Rho. His life motto is: “It’ll buff out.” His role model is Alejandra.

Ashley Inge.jpg

Ashley Inge, Multimedia Journalist

Ashley Inge is a multimedia journalist for Texan News Service. She is a junior and a Broadcast Journalism Communications major. She is also a member of SPJ. At TNS, Inge wants to gain experience in the broadcast field and further her journalism career. She looks forward to improve her interviewing and writing skills, and expanding her knowledge with TV broadcasting. Her motto is: “Live for the moments you can’t put into words.” Her role models are her mom and dad, and Carrie Underwood.

Interests: Netflix, singing, and reading.



Ashley Ford, Multimedia Journalist

Ashley Ford is a multimedia journalist for Texan News Service. She is a senior, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. Ford is involved in SPJ and a member of Phi Mu. She wants to gain a strong portfolio during her internship at TNS. Ford hopes to attend University of North Texas after graduating. Her life motto is: “Fill the gap between what you do and don’t know.” Ford’s role model is John Adams.

Interests: reading, writing, sports, and horror and drama movies.


Danny Hernandez.jpg

Danny Hernandez, Multimedia Journalist

Danny Hernandez is a multimedia journalist for Texan News Service. He is a junior majoring in Communications. He is also a member of SPJ and Tarleton’s KXTR radio station. Hernandez is looking forward to gaining experience in his career field and learning how to be a successful journalist. His goals are: to develop his writing skills and become diverse in the communications field. His motto is Corinthians 15:58, “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” Hernandez is influenced by his father and mother, Jason Kennedy, Ben Rogers, and Jeff Skin Wade.

Interests: DFW sports, music, fishing, and watching movies.

Latrica Powell.jpg

Latricia Powell, Multimedia Journalist

Latricia Powell is a multimedia journalist for Texan News Service. She is junior and is majoring in Communications. She is a member of SPJ, Kappa Delta Chi, and is a SGA representative for TNS. Powell wants to gain experience with broadcast, print, and online content, and become actively involved with TTV. She hopes to increase her work portfolio while contributing strong stories to TNS. He life motto is: “Never hesitate to make big changes because you’re uncertain about the future. Do what’s best for you today and things will fall into place.” Her role models are her dad, and Dan and Kathryn Malone.

Interests: movies, sports, music, news, and dogs.

Bianca Barajas.jpg

Bianca Barajas, Promotions Director

Bianca Barajas is the promotions director for Texan News Service. She is a junior and is majoring in English. Barajas hopes to explore the communication and journalism field and become a better writer and editor. Her goal is to become an English professor, continue blogging, and one day sing in a Broadway show. She lives by the verse Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed in strength and dignity, she laughs without fear of the future.” Barajas looks up to her grandma, Alexander Hamilton, and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

Interests: reading, writing, Shakespeare, singing, and Jesus.

Volunteers for Spring 2017 are: Megan Ables, Markzuis Daugherty, Briar Gebhardt, DeShonna Mitchell, Katy McQuillin, Cameron Nellum, and Ethan Taylor.

(Photos by Justin Pack)