Stephenville Museum’s ‘Bygone Days’ a blast

By Alyssa Winn

Texan News Service

Bygone Days at the Bosque took center stage Saturday at the Stephenville Historical Museum.

Demonstrations like corn grinding, bread making, and yarn making were just a handful of the events being held on the museum grounds on Saturday.

The Stephenville Museum office manager Vera Jeschke talked about what she enjoys most about hosting Bygone Days.  “I enjoy watching the kids having fun” she said.

Cow patty bingo, grinding corn and a cake walk were just some of the activities that both young and old could delight in.

Tarleton students Kandace Willett and Jordan Trumble were in charge of cow patty bingo. “This is one of the events we chose to work for our Public Relations class. We both love history and we had a lot of events to choose from and this was one of them,” Trumble said.

Along with the demonstrations and events there was also what Jeschke would like to call an “old fashion cowboy fight.” Several men dressed up to demonstrate several events for visitors to enjoy.  Female volunteers joined in the fun and dressed up in 1800s period dresses. Robin Ritchie, president of the Stephenville Museum board said, “Bygone Days, first and foremost, are family friendly. Grandparents can bring their grandchildren; families all just come to spend the day together. It’s just a family packed full day of remembering history.”

Bygone Days at The Bosque started at 10 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m. Jeschke estimated around 1,800 to 2,000 people participated in the Bygone Days event. Despite the windy weather and a sprinkle of rain, it was a beautiful day for a step back in time.

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