Stephenville PD aims for child safety

By Alyssa Winn – 

After the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and the recent high school shooting in California, people start to wonder how safe schools really are.

Stephenville police officer Joe Sherrod is the school resource officer, or SRO, in charge of the Stephenville ISD. According to the Stephenville police department website, Sherrod’s job titles include law enforcement officer, law related counselor and law related educator. The SRO is trained and has experience in handling situations involving weapons, violations and other issues that could endanger a school.

Sherrod shared a few words about what came to his mind after he heard about the shootings. “It was tragic,” he said. “You lost the lives of kids. Just tragic.”

The two recent school shooting tragedies left disturbing questions on many parents’ minds; how safe is their child’s school and will their child come home safely?

Sherrod is confident in the plan that the Stephenville police department has in place if a shooting scenario were to occur in one of the Stephenville schools.

“All of the Stephenville schools have a lockdown procedure that they go through. I go and confront the problem, and if necessary other officers come in to assist,” he explained.

Learning how to handle a gun can also help bad situations from happening. Officer Sherrod gave a statement on the safety of guns.

“Know what guns are and how to properly use them. Guns are a tool to use. It’s not the gun that kills; it is the person using that gun.”

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