Student body decides Mr. and Miss TSU, president and vice president

By Brittney Blake – 

Tarleton students filled many positions over the last week as voters decided positions including Mr. and Miss TSU and the student body president and vice president.

Voting took place on Monday through Wednesday last week and the student body president and vice president were decided in a runoff that culminated Tuesday.

The total number of voters in the original election was 1563 and 1024 voted in the President and VP runoff according to emails sent out from the Student Government Association.

SGA president Scott Harrison said that you must be of junior or senior classification, have a cumulative GPA of 2.3, and not be on disciplinary probation with the University in order to be a candidate for Mr. And Miss TSU.

Winners of the title this year were Jacob McCay and Emma Jones and they are not eligible to receive this title again.

McCay went to school at Tech for a year, but said he fell in love with Tarleton State because “it’s a huge family.” He was nominated by a few organizations and believes it was because of the help he gives around campus.

McCay says it’s an honor to be on the ballot because he looks up to the past winners. “[I hope] to share the love I have for the Tarleton community and make an impact on others,” he said.

The first thing McCay wants to do is invite everyone to Silver Taps, which is a memorial service honoring all students, faculty, alumni, staff, and friends who have passed away since March 15, 2012. All friends and family of the honorees are invited to attend.

This Ceremony will be held at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Apr. 11 in Heritage Oaks Park.

McCay says he wants to encourage students to respect and honor those who have passed by coming together as one to “keep the family in Tarleton.”

SGA announced on Tuesday night that the elected student body president and vice president for 2013-14 were Chance Cerda and Alyssa Lowe.

The runoff was decided by only two votes, with candidates Jay Johnson and Keauno Perez following closely behind.

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