One student’s reaction to the State of the Union Address

Katy McQuillan—

Multimedia Journalist

Earlier this week, President Trump gave his first State of the Union speech in Washington D.C. in front of both Republicans and Democrats and millions of viewers at home.

Texan News asked Tarleton student and agriculture business major Walker Hormugh his thoughts and reaction regarding the address.

“I thought it was pretty good,” Hormugh said. “There’s a lot of good things the President said, and it seemed like he had a good plan together for this upcoming year and his next three years in office. I think a lot of stuff he said will do some good and there are probably things that won’t do as good as others or some people may not agree with. Overall, most republicans, democrats – any party – would agree with what they are doing,” Hormugh continued.

Hormugh tries to watch the news when he can, but he believes Trump “has done a lot of good in his first year.”

“A lot of the changes he’s making are ones that have needed to be made for a while,” Hormugh said. “(Trump) said just over the last year since he’s been in office that African Americans and Hispanics have hit the lowest unemployment rate in over 45 years or something like that. They’re starting to produce big businesses and bring back America. So, I think that’ll do good,” Hormugh continued.

However, there are still a lot of mixed emotions across the country and around the world regarding President Trump.

As for what Trump does that he doesn’t like, Hormugh says, “I think how he’s talked about building a wall on our southern border.”

“I think that could do some good, but the money that it’ll take to build that wall and then the likelihood of it going over budget or not getting finished on time is high. I think he has a good idea, but it might not be able to come to fruition. The border problem overall needs to be solved other ways than building a wall that is going to cost a lot of money,” Hormugh continued.

As far as any other thoughts Hormugh had on the address, he thinks all parties in Washington would get more done if they came together on issues.

“While (Trump) was talking and saying good things – only the Republicans stood up and clapped for him,” Hormugh said. “All the Democrats kind of stayed down and didn’t really pay attention to him. As soon as he finished, like right as he finished talking, all the democrats got up and left. I think he talked multiple times in his speech about both parties uniting, solving problems, not being so separated anymore and making the government whole so they can better serve the people – not separate. I think that (it) would be good for both parties to work together and not really be separated anymore. It didn’t seem like the Democrats necessarily agreed with that. There are differences between Republicans and Democrats, but a lot of the views – if they really thought them through and didn’t think of them as coming from a Republican and thought about how good the idea or the policy is – the two parties could be a lot more united. There wouldn’t be so much separation between Republicans and Democrats.”

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