Students left without dorms next semester

By: Kyley Wilhite

Associate Producer

Many upperclassmen at Tarleton State University are left without dorm assignments for the fall 2022 semester as freshman enrollment rates continue to increase.

According to the Executive Director for Residence Life, Scott Blackwell, the department is currently working hard to fulfill all living requests.

“We are now processing change-request submissions, and some student plans have changed. These changes create openings in campus housing,” said Blackwell.

Current freshman biology major Riley Crow does not have a dorm assignment for next year.

“I check the room assignment portal every day and it always says, ‘this service is unavailable.’ It makes it worrisome for whether I am going to have a dorm for next year,” said Crow.

According to Blackwell, dorms will start to open up more between now and early June. 

“We are currently managing the 2022-23 occupancy period at capacity and expect another great year,” said Blackwell.

Tarleton requires a two-year living requirement to help students gain “on-campus experience.” 

“Living on campus the first two years is an important component to being a Tarleton Texan. It’s a great way to socialize and develop into adults, live away from home for the first time, and transition from high school,” said Blackwell.

Not all students agree with this statement. In fact, many are upset with the current treatment of upperclassmen and believe that they should have more priority over where to live on campus.

Sophomore marketing major, Madeline Walker, is sitting without a housing assignment for next semester.

“Not only is there not enough housing, but Tarleton is making second-year students live on campus, but giving the upperclassmen, who are not required to live on campus, first pick of what building they wish to live in and if they want to keep their spot from past years,” said Walker.

Other students, like, Cooper Lewis, are more upset about departments handling of student questions.

“Every time I try to log into the housing portal, it’s closed or not working, even when it’s supposed to be open for me,” said Lewis. “The housing department is very hard to get straight answers from, and just overall not very helpful.”

Students who must fulfill their two-year living requirement will receive a “space-release” email that will direct them to their dorm placement.

“The department of residence life re-evaluates the space-release process during the second half of the spring semester and in the summer,” said Blackwell. “If a space-release is offered to a student who wants to live on campus, and not off-campus, but there is currently not an opening, that student can continue waiting for an opening in an upper-class residence hall or on-campus apartment.”

Since there is a growing demand for student housing, those students who don’t accept their space-release email within 48 hours of receiving it, will be expected to live on campus and will be billed on Aug. 15.

Upperclassmen dorm, Ferguson Hall.
Photo by: Elizabeth Guajardo

There are currently 11 housing options to choose from. For freshmen, options include Centennial Hall, Heritage Hall, Hunewell and Hunewell Annex, Legacy and Legends Halls. Honors Hall is available for those who qualify. 

For upperclassmen, the dorms include more amenities. Upperclassmen dorms include Ferguson Hall, Centennial Hall, Integrity Hall, Traditions North and South, Texan Hall, Texan Village Apartments and Honors Hall for those who qualify.

Housing prices vary from $1,980 to $4,048 per semester depending on the residence hall.

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