Students react to Freshmen living in upperclassmen dorms

Deandre Hogg

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When Tarleton State University kicked off this new school year, everyone on campus thought COVID-19 was going to be the main problem. Tarleton, however also increased the freshmen class enrollment this year by five percent making it the biggest incoming freshmen class in school history which has resulted in other unforeseen problems.

The first thought that came to many people’s heads when they heard about the increased enrollment was where are the new freshman going to stay? Tarleton has three freshmen only dorms: Heritage, Legends, and Legacy.

This year due to increased enrollment some Freshman are having to live in upperclassmen dorms such as Traditions, Integrity, with even a select few living in Texan Village.

Many upperclassmen were not excited about having freshman in their dorms due to the learning curve that comes with being on your own your first year at college and the maturity difference that entails.

Daylen Adams, a graduate student who was living on campus before moving last year didn’t like the idea of freshman living with upperclassmen.

Graduate Daylen Adams
Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

Adams said, “I feel like it’s not a good thing reason being freshman needs to be with freshman and they need to feel that vibe as a freshman and be nothing be all around only freshman reason being no one would judge you in the sense of you know how the class will judge you calling you childish of this and a third you have the same experiences you feel the same way when you with your freshman group because me personally when I was a freshman and I lived in the freshman dorms I felt very comfortable even though I was nervous cause I didn’t know what to expect but everybody had the same exact feeling as me.”

Junior Mason Willis had the same views as Adams. He felt that living with the same group of students who are in the same boat as you can be very beneficial to one other. 

 Junior Mason Willis
Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

“I honestly think apart of being a freshman is living in an all-freshman dorm. It is a part of the experience and where you can make friendships that will last the full four years and meet kids that are taking the same classes as you. So, I don’t really like the idea of freshman living with upper class men and on a serious note upperclassman will take advantage of the freshman in many ways and I have seen it,” Willis said.

Both Students see the increasing number of new students here at Tarleton as both a good and bad thing. They feel that its great that Tarleton is growing and was able to go D1, however, they also need to continue expanding their facilities to house all of these new people and make sure everyone has a place to park.

Adams said, “ How do I feel about the class that led to this issue will I mean it’s a blessing and a curse like yes that’s good more kids are coming to Tarleton to get a degree which means we’re growing as a university bad at the same time as Tarleton doesn’t have will enough room people staying in hotels to stay in a dorm they aren’t supposed to which is kind of issue so Tarleton is needed needs to grow and need to make a limit for how many freshmen can come in.”

With all of the increasing numbers and limited bed spaces most students see this a financial move and more exposure to the school.

Willis said, “No I am not surprised that Tarleton increased in number because more kids coming more money they are bringing in. They are a business and will do anything they can to keep and increase income coming in for them.”

While students are not happy with having freshman in the upperclassmen dorms, they remain optimistic that Tarleton will come up with a solution housing everything.

Adams said, “To solve this issue I feel like Tarleton is doing what it right now they growing they making more apartments making more places for freshman to stay they are making the cut off for you to stay on campus instead of two years now it’s on a year so more kids getting off campus letting more freshmen come in and they can stay in more areas that aren’t just  designated for them.”

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