Students search for summer jobs

By Madison Campbell – 

Summertime is fast approaching and for some students that means the start of searching for jobs.

From polishing résumés to perfecting interview skills, the hardest part of getting a job seems to be finding one.

(Madison Campbell, Texan News Service)

(Madison Campbell, Texan News Service)

According to the U.S. Department of Labor the percentage of 16- to 24 year olds employed in July has decreased over the years, when normally it “peaks.” A decade ago the employment rate was 63.3 percent and now it is only 48.8 percent. However, there may be some change here in Stephenville.

Hard 8 BBQ manager Barrett Joiner said the restaurant will look to hire more workers “because of the Obamacare thing.” He predicts it is “going to force a lot of businesses to hire a lot of people.” On the other hand, businesses like Scott’s Flowers on the Square do not use many seasonal employees normally, but owner James Kimbel gave this advice. “Some of the most important things I look for is someone who can be personable and friendly … and make a positive first impression.”

Already businesses are receiving an increase in applications for the summer, so students are advised to find ways to stand out. Joiner said “people that show up, look like they’re ready to work and have a good head on their shoulders,” is what he looks for in applicants.

Alana Hefner, director of Career Services, said “the office strongly advocates that students get out and explore the world with intentionality.”

Summer jobs can have a major impact on students’ lives from gaining experience to a few more dollars in their pockets. In the end, Joiner said, “it’s not rocket science,” so start working on your handshake, your smile and just be you.

Department of Labor | Summer Jobs

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