SWAT entertains with dueling pianos

By Alyssa Winn – 

The Thompson Student Center Ballroom was filled with laughs, singing and dancing Wednesday night during SWAT’s Dueling Piano event.

The Dueling Piano concert had students, faculty, and staff shaking their hind ends, spinning in circles and doing the Gangnam style dance to different music all night long.

President of SWAT, Briley Garrett, was at the head of putting the concert and dinner on.  “We decided to bring the Dueling Pianos to Tarleton because we originally did it at transition week and it was such a big hit,” she said. “So we wanted to get the whole school involved and not just have it for the first year students.”

The Dueling Piano crowd swelled to around 150 people. The two pianists got all to their feet to do dances from the hokey pokey to YMCA.

“The outcome was wonderful and we could not have had a better turn out. It was a very close setting so it worked out perfectly with the number of people and the atmosphere we had,” Garrett said.

The guests also enjoyed an Italian dinner of salad, lasagna, garlic bread and brownies for dessert.

The Concert lasted from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

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