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Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

Today, March 7th, is National Agriculture Day. To celebrate, different agricultural programs and organizations set up tables and informative signs around the library and agriculture building. They had the opportunity to publicize their organizations as well as educate students about different subjects in agriculture.

Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

Avrill Dupree, a member of the Tarleton equestrian team, informed students about the good side of horse slaughter.

“We just want to bring awareness to horse slaughter because horse slaughter was taken away because they were pets, but there are benefits to horse slaughter,” Dupree said.

Dupree feels passionate about teaching agriculture to others.

Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

“I’m an ag-ed major so agriculture is kind of my whole world. I want to teach students everything I know about agriculture, and I just want to bring awareness to everything and have my students make up their own decisions about agriculture,” she said.

Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

“I can’t do an office job, so it’s a good way to make your career outside,” she said.

The horticulture club had a table explaining the importance of composting and how to compost as a college student. Stephanie Gutierrez, a member working the table, explained that agriculture felt like the right job for her.

Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

Haley Vincze of the Tarleton Entomological Society expressed how much agriculture helps society. 

“Agriculture means literally life,” she explained. “Like we would not mean alive if it weren’t for agriculture. Our food, our clothes, the way we live, pretty much everything.”

Photo by Makenzie Plusnick
Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

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