Tarleton Center for Instructional Innovation enters the library

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By Lacy Woods – 

The Center for Instructional Innovation has taken over the back half of the main floor in the Dick Smith Library.

It has been a year now since Tarleton State University has been working on moving the Center for Instructional Innovation to the Dick Smith Library, and they are finally putting the finishing touches on the area. Students are taking notice that the process is coming to an end, and seem to have mixed emotions about the situation.

(Lacy Woods, Texan News Service)

(Lacy Woods, Texan News Service)

“I feel like this is a great idea to provide teachers with a new area to learn in,” Sarah Titus said.  In contrast, Taylor Kennedy said the school should have spent the money and time on creating another place for the students to study, because the library closes at midnight.

The Center for Instructional Innovation will be located on the main floor of the Dick Smith Library toward the back of the building. CII offers faculty training and instruction, classroom and lab support, and online support with programs such as Blackboard.

CII is currently placed in the basement of the Tarleton Center, which will later be used for library storage. Donna Savage, university librarian, has worked on this project from the start making the blueprints. She says the project has had “typical construction delays” like “plug outlets where people’s legs go.”  However, she says she thinks the project will be done “by March 31 or the week after.”

CII has a side entrance by the Fine Arts building, which takes you right next to the main desk. The Blackboard help desk, or “war room” as Dr. Kelley Schaffer called it, is in the back, far enough from the students that there should be no noise problems.  Schaffer is the new CII director.

The periodicals desk has been relocated to the left side of the library, along with new offices for staff members. The library plans to put back the printer and copier that were in the back before, and create a reading nook with newspapers for the students to enjoy. According to Savage, everything that has been in storage during the construction process will return to its usual spot.

“Students come to the library for their resources,” Schaffer said. “Why not put faculty resources here, too?”

Lacy Woods is a freshman English major from Van Vleck, Texas.

Blueprint Resources: CII Project | Learning Commons

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