Tarleton hosts 1920s speakeasy

By Alexis Burkett 

Multimedia Journalist 

Tarleton State University’s W.K. Gordon Center hosted the Museum after dark: 1920s speakeasy this past Saturday on Feb. 8, 2020.

Mary Adams, director of the W.K. Gordon Center, helped orchestrate the event. 

“Throwback to the 1920s theme was a perfect opportunity for this year’s Night at the Museum. Since it was the 1920s and then it moved into the 2020s, we decided to highlight that by doing a speakeasy,” Adams said.  

In order to enter the speakeasy, participants had to finish a scavenger hunt throughout the museum.  

1920s decorations set the theme for the speakeasy
Photo courtesy of Alexis Burkett

Attendees entered the dimly-lit museum where they were greeted with finger-foods and refreshments. They began a scavenger hunt through the museum which included puzzles and other games which first had to be completed. Following that, the participants received a pass to enter the speakeasy.

In the speakeasy there were employees in festive costumes, serving food and explaining more about the museum’s history. Card games and photo booths were available upon entrance into the speakeasy.

Museum after dark: 1920s speakeasy
Photo courtesy of W.K. Gordon Center for Industrial History of Texas Facebook.

The W.K. Gordon Center is a historical museum in Texas. This museum highlights the history of Thurber. Thurber is recognized for coal mining which began in 1886.  

“Miners got bored in Thurber and there were several speakeasy’s throughout,” Adams said. “Referring to the 1920s with this speakeasy brought a perfect opportunity for the museum to highlight how Thurber residents spent free time.” 

Tarleton’s W.K. Gordon Center opened in 2002 and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Tarleton students get free admission to the museum at any time. The museum is located off 367 in Mingus, TX.    

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