Tarleton hosts first job fair of the year

By Mark Mallory

Texan News Service

After a recent job fair hosted by Tarleton State University, employers and prospective employees have started to see a brighter future in local job markets compared with the nations current economic state.

Alana Hefner, director of the job fair, read good news into the fact that attendance at the fair was up this year. Hefner said that nearly 400 guests attended and she felt they received exactly the response they were seeking, from both students and employers.

Businesses in the past two or three years weve only had an upwards of 30 to 35 companies and this year we have almost 50 companies here, Hefner said.

As students prepare to move on from campus life, they will no doubt be seeking resources to help them find a job, like this site for veterinary jobs, which may help students looking to work with animals once they graduate, and other industry-specific sites for roles in areas like healthcare, education, and hospitality. In addition to searching online, job fairs are a great way to learn about employers in the local area, and to talk to real people from those companies and make potentially important connections that could lead to a job. Many attended the job fair to get a feel for what businesses would be expecting when applying for a job and what was waiting for them after graduation, including tips to get noticed and how to avoid making mistakes that could cost you the job from the employers themselves. Many of the students said they found this side of the fair particularly helpful. The general consensus of the students was that they are very nervous about getting a job after university and these tips and pieces of advice were very useful. Many of them didn’t even know there are places like the Interview Skills Clinic who can assist in CV writing and interview training when applying for jobs, and after seeing them at the fair they said they would be sure to use them in the future.

Ashton Hamilton, a junior at Tarleton, felt that everything she saw at the fair would be very helpful in her future and that even though people are facing hardships in this economy, hosting job fairs would spark student interest.

It was an interesting experience; it will be helpful to me in the future. I think it will inspire students to realize that there are still a lot of upstanding career paths to choose from despite the current economic status, Hamilton said.

Some companies felt that universities such as Tarleton were exactly the place for them to search for future employees due to the hard-working and personal nature of the community. Brandon Caldwell representing McCoys out of San Marcos spoke about what made his company decide to attend fairs at smaller universities rather than larger colleges.

Its a great way to meet honest, hard-working people. The thing about the Stephenville community versus a bigger campus is just the amount of dedication and work ethic and the ease of finding those people. Caldwell said.

Representatives from Aarons from areas surrounding Stephenville said after attending fairs at larger universities to continue to do so would be a waste of time; they will only attend fairs at colleges similar to Tarleton.

After attending the fair, Tarleton student Tyrone Dotcie said he was just trying to see what it would be like applying at businesses and what was out there for him once he graduated.

I just hope to further my knowledge of whats out there, especially with the way the economy is right now, Dotcie said.

Students shared enthusiasm of what the job fair would bring to the table for the Tarleton community as a whole. Matthew Weinzetl, a junior at Tarleton, felt the fair would give students a jump start whether they find an internship or just get a feel for what they want to do once they graduate Tarleton.

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