Tarleton Organization Spotlight: Paradigm Bible Study

By Rachel LaCroix—

Associate Producer

According to TexanSync, Paradigm Bible Study is a worship opportunity that Tarleton offers college students. Paradigm is not a church, but its leaders do hope that through learning the Gospel, students can serve their community.

“I love how it’s all about community and fellowship. We all get to live life together and walk together in Christ and that’s not something that’s super common, especially on a college campus,” challenge leader Willow Griffith said.

Paradigm is focused on college aged students from 18-25, and most participants are from Tarleton. You do not have to be a Tarleton student to attend Paradigm. Members of Paradigm meet every Thursday at 8 p.m. at First Baptist Church to discuss the Bible and listen to the teachings of Nick Cooper.

“We have a preacher come in from Frisco every Thursday. He’s amazing and he preaches truth to about 400 college students every Thursday night,” Griffith said. “He’s so devoted to the word and helps us engage in the reading of the Bible, too. He challenges us each week with new tasks to do and new mind sets to apply daily.”

For more information about Paradigm, visit Tarleton’s Paradigm Bible Study TexanSync page or go to paradigmtsu.com.

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