Tarleton professors discuss the controversial topic of political correctness

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2 Responses

  1. Glenna Lowe says:

    I pray that my son has Mr Hallgarth and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THESE OTHER PROFESSORS. Guess what, outside the university there are no safe places. Feelings get hurt! Life happens! People say things we don’t like. I worked three jobs to go to Tarleton in the 80s and was proud to say I graduated from there. I have one that already graduated from there and have one there now. I am no longer proud to say I’m a Tarleton grad or that my kids are! One of you spoke of wealth distribution. I worked hard for everything I have and, no, I will not share it unless I choose to share and with who I choose. As for as cultural acceptance, why do t you look at France and Germany. I will NOT accept a culture that allows honor killings, child rape and sex slaves. I see Tarleton has now gone the way of other colleges. I hope everyone else will start looking at Hillsdale College and other universities that love and teach the Constitution and respect for flag and love of country. I’m sorry Mr Hallgarth, I truly pray there are more like you still at Tarleton. The old Tarleton did not produce snowflakes who need safe spaces to survive!

  2. Tim Wood says:

    Dr. Hallgarth……thanks for your honesty.

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