Tarleton Quidditch Association seeks international membership 

By Blanca Izquierdo— 

Multimedia Journalist 

Seven years ago, a group of students at Tarleton State University brought Harry Potter’s magic to life by founding the Tarleton Quidditch Association.  

The Quidditch Association is actively recruiting new members with the idea of re-joining the International Quidditch Association (IQA) and playing against other universities.  

“Teams have around 13 or 14 players,” Tarleton Quidditch President Clinton W Simpson said. “We don’t have enough (players) so we can’t play other teams.”  

Tarleton successfully competed in the past, but they recently lost their IQA membership.   

“We had the license, but we lost that right because we didn’t compete the following year,” Simpson added.  

Although the students who founded the team have already graduated and left, the Quidditch Association still offers the opportunity to make new friends and share a passion for the wizarding sport. The team meets every Monday in the O.A. Grant Humanities building to read Harry Potter books, watch Harry Potter movies and socialize.    

“We don’t practice anymore but we get together every week,” Simpson said. “People don’t know about us so we go out there (on campus) and invite them to join the Quidditch team.”  

Quidditch member Tara N. Stewart said her roommate told her about the Quidditch team when she decided to join.  

“I am glad I made that decision because I found most of my friends throughout Quidditch,” Stewart said.  

The Quidditch Association also holds an annual fundraiser dinner as another way to recruit new members.  

“The dinner is Harry Potter themed,” Simpson said. “It’s usually in December and people have a lot of fun.”  

For more information on the team, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/TarletonQuidkids/  

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