Tarleton student elected for Dark Horse Dunker

Cody Drolet


On Feb. 11 a committee of independent judges picked 16 students who are set to graduate with good academic standing to compete in the 2020 State Farm Dark Horse Dunker Competition. They are currently holding a “March Madness” style voting contest that goes through March 13. This tournament decides which dunker will compete in the three-day/two night and 3-point dunking contest in Atlanta, Georgia on April 2.

Photo from 2020 State Farm Dark Horse Dunker webiste

This year, Tarleton State University’s basketball team captain, Josh Hawley, has been elected for the Dark Horse contest. He has already advanced passed the second round and onto the third semifinal round.

Hawley won the Sweet 16 rounds after receiving 59% of the votes against an athlete from Georgia Southern University. That win put Hawley in the second round of the Elite Eight where he won by a slight margin, getting 51% of the votes. Now sitting in the third round, he is facing off against an athlete from Eureka College.

His teammates are super excited for his nomination. Senior basketball player and teammate of Hawley, Randall Broddie, wasn’t surprised that Hawley was elected.

Photo from Tarletonsports.com

Broddie said that Hawley “is a great dunker and athlete.”

Hawley has more than earned this selection over the course of this year’s basketball season. He has been averaging 15 points a game and 9.7 rebounds a game, all while performing crowd-hyping dunks.

When asked about what dunk Hawley had been working on for this competition, Broddie said “there isn’t a dunk Josh can’t do.”

If Tarleton students and faculty can come together and vote for Josh Hawley in order to help him advance further in the tournament, Tarleton might just get to see those dunks performed on a national level. You can go vote for Hawley in the dunk competition by going to darkhorsedunker.com, going to the bracket tab and clicking on Josh Hawley’s name.

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