Tarleton students’ voter registration is decreasing

Quanecia Fraser

Managing Editor


According to Erath County voter registration records, there is an apparent decline in the number of Tarleton State University students who are registered to vote in this year’s general election compared to 2012’s numbers.


Erath County voting records show that the number of people registered to vote in student concentrated precincts in Stephenville has decreased in all but one precinct.


An important reminder to note is that these are records of the amount of registered voters in student concentrated precincts. While it is likely that the recorded numbers of registered voters are students, it is possible that some of the individuals registered to vote in these precincts are not Tarleton students.


Precinct 33 includes the Bosque Crossing Apartments and Lonestar Apartments. In the 2012 general election, 1,127 individuals from the precinct were registered to vote. That number went down to 1,042 in the 2016 primary election.


Precinct 35 includes the Hunewell and Hunewell Annex dorms. In the 2012 general election, 202 individuals were registered to vote in that precinct. But during the 2016 primary election, 142 were registered.


The majority of Tarleton’s dorms and on-campus apartments are in precinct 45. Bender, Ferguson, Centennial, Heritage, Integrity, Legends, Legacy, Texan Village, University Village and he Grove Apartments (off-campus, but occupied by Tarleton Students) are located in this precinct. In the 2012 general election, the number of registered voters in precinct 45 was 1,827. In the 2016 primary election, the number was 1,489. The decline of voter registration in this precinct is notable because in 2012, Heritage Hall and Integrity Hall were not yet built.


Precinct 46 includes the Venture Apartments. This was the only student-concentrated precinct with an increase in the number of registered voters. In the 2012 general election, 783 were registered to vote. That number raised to 793 in the 2016 primary election.



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