Tarleton’s take on National College Colors Day

By: Madison Reed

Multimedia Journalist

Friday, Sept. 4 is National College Colors Day. Created in 2004, National College Colors Day was the College Licensing Company’s way to inspire school pride, school spirit, comradery amongst students and alumni as well as school unity. On this day, students, parents, faculty, fans and alumni are encouraged to all join in the national celebration of school spirit by wearing their school’s colors and displaying their school pride, which Tarleton State University is no stranger to.

Tarleton student Brianna Tucker poses with the purple poo for the Tarleton Colors Day Contest. Photo courtesy of Brianna Tucker’s Instagram page.

Texan News caught up with various Tarleton students to see what Colors Day means to them as well as what their favorite Tarleton tradition is.

Caitlin Templeton, a senior here at Tarleton, said, “I think [National College Colors Day] is a way for people to talk about, be excited about and share a part of their life, because college is a four-plus—most of the time—gap of your life and what university you go to does make a big difference in your experience, so it’s a chance to share about that.”

One way that Tarleton celebrates National Colors Day is through Purple Thursdays which is their special way of showing school spirit and pride all year long.

Students Kaley Dowell and Sierra Dyson pose in support of purple Thursdays.
Photo by Madison Reed

Created in 1997, the Tarleton President and Student Body President signed a declaration which stated Thursdays would be known as Purple and White Spirit Day. Over twenty years later you can still find many students and professors around Tarleton’s campus modeling their favorite purple attire to show their school spirit every Thursday.

Colors Day is all about celebrating your college and another way Tarleton does this is through a unique set of  traditions.

“My favorite tradition—I’d probably say Purple Pancakes during homecoming. I think it’s like the epitome of college to stay up until midnight to eat breakfast and hang out with a million people,” Templeton said.

College Colors Day is the day to show how much Tarleton means to you. You can do this by dressing up in purple and white, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, showing school spirit and by making memories that will last a lifetime.

“Don’t be afraid to embrace yourself. Be proud of what school you go to—that you are part of that school and that you’re showing everybody that you go to the best school,” Tarleton student Rikki Ashy said.

Tarleton welcomes home new and returning students this year.
Photo by Madison Reed.

Be proud, be a Texan and always bleed purple especially on National Colors Day so everyone can see what Tarleton means to its students and alumni.

“Our hearts with joy are thrilling when the Tarleton colors wave…all hail the proud defenders of the purple and the white!”

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