Texan Bucks confusion is cleared up

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Students enrolled at Tarleton State University have encountered some problems with Texan Bucks that are used via the Texan Card, Tarleton’s popular debit card around campus. Several fast food restaurants are listed on Tarleton’s website indicating they accept Texan Bucks, but some of these restaurants that are listed around Stephenville say they do not accept Texan Bucks as payment.

According to Tarleton’s website, the Texan Card is the name of the university’s identification card issued to students, faculty, staff and others. It is a photo ID with a magnetic stripe, and is used for a variety of things, such as building access, entry into on-campus events, Texan Bucks, a stored-value debit system for use on and off-campus, meal plans and much more.

An example of the Texan Card Photo courtesy of tarleton.edu.

Tarleton’s Texan Card
Photo courtesy of tarleton.edu.

The director of the Texan Card, Sally Lloyd, says the program has changed since it began.

“The Texan Card as we have it now began in May 2002. Before that it was only used for meals. Texan Bucks started at the same time, it just wasn’t as broad. We had the dining dollars and Texan Bucks both, but we didn’t have anything off-campus in the beginning. That came a few years later,” Lloyd said.

According to Tarleton’s website, there are many restaurants listed that claim they accept Texan Bucks, but this is not always the case. Among those named is Pizza Hut.

An employee from Pizza Hut, Matthew Clements, explains why Pizza Hut does not accept Texan Bucks.

“We actually used to accept Texan Bucks years ago and then the machine that took them, broke. We got a new machine that doesn’t take them for some reason now,” Clements said.

Lloyd believes that Pizza Hut still accepts Texan Bucks and explains the confusion.

Lloyd said she believes “There are some issues with employee training where not all of the employees know that [their restaurant] takes it. Whenever we get a report of a business saying they don’t take them, we ask that those things be reported back to us so that we can follow up and check on it and see if there’s a problem with their equipment or if their employees just don’t know.”

Although most of the same restaurants still accept Texan Bucks as payment, Lloyd asks that if a student encounters a problem, to bring it to her attention.

For more information about the Texan Card or Texan Bucks, visit the Texan Card office located in the Tarleton Center in room 158 or go online to: http://www.tarleton.edu/texancard/index.html.

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