Texan News launches weekly podcasts

By: Sierra Wells

Managing Editor

On Monday, Jan. 31, Texan News Service (TNS) posted their first podcast, hosted by TNS Senior Producer Nicholas Ratcliff and Co-Host Ryland Holt. Podcasts will be released weekly to the TNS website, TNS YouTube page, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Nicholas Ratcliff
Photo courtesy of Nicholas Ratcliff

Joining TNS’s current multimedia forms of news coverage, the podcasts provide a convenient way for the Tarleton State University community to consume news.

“Ever since I can remember, I have been weirdly obsessed with current events and talking about what’s happening in the world around us. I noticed pretty early on that while people were interested in talking about current events, a lot of them just didn’t have the time to read and stay caught up on what’s happening,” Ratcliff said. “Let’s face it, the older we get the more responsibility we have, and the average college student just doesn’t have the time to read every news article that comes out. I figured creating this podcast would give busy people another way to stay caught up on current events that wouldn’t require them to read every article that came out. We’ll do that for you, so all you have to do is sit back and relax while we explain what’s going on and exactly where we got this information.”

The Bimonthly Disaster podcast, featuring Ratcliff and Holt, will cover a wide range of state, national and international news events.

Ratcliff’s co-host Ryland Holt
Photo courtesy Nick Ratcliff

Holt notes that making the Bimonthly Disaster with Ratcliff is a complex process that requires several, vital steps. 

“First we have to get all of our information regarding the stories that we have decided on for the episode. Then we meet an hour or so early and discuss what we’ve found and how we best think to structure the information. We finally get to record the podcast and last but not least the audio is edited and posted for the world to listen,” he said.

On weeks that the Bimonthly Disaster is not recorded, Ratcliff will produce Texan Time, a podcast featuring occasional special guests.

“Texan Time will be a show about things that are happening on campus. Every other week, I will be joined by a guest who is coming on the show to talk about an upcoming event that’s happening on a Tarleton Campus. The guests will be fellow Texans, professors, department heads and anyone else who is helping set up an event here on campus,” Ratcliff said.

Both Holt and Ratcliff will utilize the Audio Post Production studio in room 396 of the O.A. Grant Humanities Building to create the podcasts.

Ratcliff plans for the Tarleton community to benefit from the news these podcasts provide.

“In today’s age, it is extremely easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of information that gets thrown at us daily. I hope to ease some of that by giving people a place to hear about the major things happening that they can trust,” he said.

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