Texan Stars go viral on Twitter after airport flash mob

By Quanecia Fraser—

Multimedia Journalist 

Over the weekend, Tarleton State University’s dance team, the Texan Stars, performed at the NDA (National Dance Association) competition in Daytona, Florida, and they also performed in Houston—at an airport.

While at Houston’s Hobby Airport Sunday, the dance team found out their flight was delayed. 

Mackenzie Tambunga, a captain and senior psychology major, said she suggested the Texan Stars perform their ‘Missy’ routine in the middle of the airport. 

Tambunga tweeted a poll to her Twitter: “Texan Stars flight got cancelled and we have to stay overnight in the airport. Do y’all think we should do a flash mob in the airport? (emoji).” 

90% of the votes were “YESSSS.”

The Camille Lightner Playhouse Show Choir from Brownsville were also at the airport. A mother of one of the show choir performers overheard the Texan Stars’ conversation and asked them to perform the dance for her birthday. 

The Texan Stars agreed and that was when Paris Aguilar, a high school junior and performer with the show choir started recording. Paris tweeted the video on Sunday. By Tuesday, the video had at least 90 retweets and over 330 likes. Hobby Airport also shared the video, tweeting: “Dance like no one’s watching.” 

The video was even featured on Good Morning America Tuesday. 

In a phone interview, Aguilar told Texan News that she remembers saying, “It would be so funny if I put this on Twitter and it became Twitter famous.” 

Both teams were running on little sleep and Aguilar said the airport performance by the Texan Stars definitely lightened the mood. 

“We just all clapped and cheered them (The Texan Stars) on and it was a bunch of fun,” said Aguilar.  

The Texan Stars finished in second place in the NDA Division ll Dance competition, along with the Tarleton Cheer Team who won second place in the NCA (National Cheer Association) Division ll Game Day Cheer competition.

While they didn’t win first place, Tambunga said she’s glad people saw that the Texan Stars “still have passion in competition and out of competition.”

Coincidentally, Aguilar is actually interested in potentially attending Tarleton when she graduates from high school. She told Texan News that she recently started her application to Tarleton. 

Aguilar says she wants to thank the Texan Stars for “brightening everyone’s day there, and thank you so much for just being good sports.”  

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