TexAnn players Webster and Hailey share DII All-America Honorable Mention

Katy McQuillan—

Multimedia Journalist

Tarleton State University TexAnn players Katie Webster and Mackenzie Hailey were named the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association, or WBCA, NCAA Division II All-America Honorable Mention on March 19.

Webster is a junior who transferred from Long Beach State in Long Beach, California, after not “having the best experience.” Hailey, a sophomore, transferred from the University of Texas at Arlington due to “injury reasons and unfortunate events.”

Hailey thinks it is “very honorable to be able to represent our school and to be able to represent another teammate, it’s really great.”

Webster’s biggest motivation for success this season was “enjoying basketball.” She says she wasn’t enjoying her time in Long Beach.

“I absolutely hated it,” Webster said. “When I was transferring, I was thinking about quitting in general. So, my motivation was to have fun again and enjoying the game of basketball.”

Head Coach Misty Wilson also expressed to Webster and Hailey how proud she was of their performance this season.

Webster and Hailey are both forwards on the TexAnn basketball team. Photo courtesy of Tarleton athletics

“It means a lot to me because I never got any kind of recognition or compliments,” Webster said on what it was like for Coach Wilson to compliment her. “So, hearing that you’re doing good and your hard work is appreciated, it helps, which motivates me more and makes me more excited for next year.”

As for how teamwork has contributed to the TexAnn’s success, Hailey said encouragement and communication helped a lot.

“I think with encouragement and knowing that if they weren’t open, they had me and Katie open and being able to move the ball around and really find the open person,” Hailey said. “They found me and Katie down low a lot this year.”

Webster thinks teamwork was the biggest factor.

“I think everyone recognized it but having help from everyone, such as Mackenzie or like McKinley – playing with them, it makes a world of difference,” Webster said. “If one of us aren’t scoring and someone else is, or we get the ball to the right person…it helps having those kinds of people you’re playing with on the court.”

Webster changed her major from health science to kinesiology when she transferred to Tarleton.

“I didn’t want to be a kinesiology major, but once I got here, I really liked it,” she said. “Everyone in the department is cool, they help you out and I’m excited to graduate.”

As for Hailey, she believes being a Kinesiology major helps her play basketball.

“Some of the things we learn about are why certain movements are like this and it makes sense as to why I do it in basketball and ways I can correct it,” Hailey said.

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