Texas State University bomb threat

By Caleb McCaig – 

At around 9:40 a.m. Texas State University sent out an emergency text alert to all students registered for the alert service advising them of a bomb threat on campus at the admissions building. The campus surprisingly was not evacuated, even after another emergency text was sent out at 10:05 a.m. stating that two resident halls, San Jacinto and Tower, were included in the bomb threat area. This has been the fourth bomb threat to an educational institute in less than a month.

The other schools affected by bomb threats were the University of Texas in Austin, North Dakota State and Louisiana State University. Each of these schools evacuated classes when the emergency alert texts were sent out. Travis Veselka, a senior biology student at Texas State University, said the atmosphere was “pretty normal on campus, nothing has really changed about anything.”

“It’s kind of ridiculous the campus wasn’t evacuated, they say they really care about the students and then they do this,” Veselka said. He did, however, appreciate how quickly the emergency system sent out the texts and emails. “Yes, it absolutely worked well, the email and text woke me up right when it was sent out. I was actually surprised how quickly it got there.”

At noon the official Texas State University twitter account tweeted “EMERGENCY ENDED… All halls and building are open except Admissions. All classes will be held as normal.”

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