Texas v. Routh: First day testimonies include those first to arrive at crime scene

By Isaac Foster—

Additional reporting by Megan Peterson

In the first day of the Texas v. Routh trial, court reconvened with the wife of Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle on the witness stand.

The prosecutor asked Kyle if her husband knew about gun safety. “He did,” she said “Chris even told the kids when using Nerf guns that the gun must go up or down, never across the body.

As Kyle leaves the stand, her and Judy Littlefield, mother of Chad Littlefield, embrace in a very emotional moment as Judy Littlefield takes the stand. The day would have been Littlefield’s birthday, born on Feb. 11, 1987.

Littlefield becomes very emotional on the stand once this fact had been to brought to the attention of everyone in the courtroom.

She went on to tell how her son and Chris Kyle met, which was at their daughters’ soccer game. They then became “automatice workout partners,” as Littlefield stated.

Frank Alvarez took the stand after Judy Littlefield, he then described how he gave Chris Kyle the clearance to use the gun range.

After a quick fifteen-minute recess, pictures of the crime scene were shown to the court and jurors. After Alvarez verified the photos, he left the stand at 3:48 p.m. and Justin Nabours cameto the stand at 3:49.

Nabours was reported to be the first staff member at the scene of the crime and used chest compressions on Kyle and Littlefield. When Nabours approached the scene, he could see rifles but no people. Since the “bravo flags” were up, which are flags to signal someone is using the range, he assumed that those using it were out putting down the other flag an estimated1500 yards away.

He then approached the platform to find Kyle face down in the dirt and Littlefield on his back on the platform. According to Nabours, neither of the two men appeared to show any type of life.

After Nabours left the stand, Lt. Bobby Epps of the fire department took the stand. Epps stated that they received the call at 5:10 p.m., and arrived on scene between 5:30 and 5:40 p.m.

They requested a helicopter once they found out that two people had been shot, but the request was later cancelled once the two men were declared dead. Epps stated that the Rough Creek staff members were trying to save the two when they arrived on the scene.

Epps noted that there were “two wounds to his thoracic area as well as one to his right cheek.”

Matthew Green took the stand after Epps. He has been part of the Somervell Fire Department for ten years. Green, a paramedic attended to Chad Littlefield. However, Green noticed that there was “no respiration” after he had checked his pulse.

He also stated that Chad’s skin color was a “pale, ashen like color,” and his

body was “quite cold.” Green noted that Littlefield had a gunshot wounds to the forehead, left arm, left pectorial and one other to the upper abdominals. Green also noted what looked like Littlefield’s brain and skull matter next to his body.

After Green’s testimony, the judge called for a ten-minute recess.

After the recess, Keith Martin, deputy from Somervell county, took to the stand at 5:16 p.m. During Keith’s testimony, Routh appears to be taking notes on the matter of which Martin was speaking on.

Martin states that he had never to the shooting range at Rough Creek Lodge. “I realized we were going into Erath County, and I notified dispatchers that we were headed into Erath County.”

Martin believed that Somervell paramedics arrived on the scene approximately twenty minutes after he had arrived, which was around 5:35 p.m.

After Martin left the stand, Renee Parrish took the stand. Parrish works for the Midlothian Police Department as a dispatcher and was the one who took the call from Routh’s sister, reporting the murder.

Through the recording, distress and concern clearly laced her voice as she tried to remain calm during the call. At one point, her husband had to take over the call in order to give important details to Parrish.

She said in the call that Routh came to her house telling her and her husband that he committed a murder. At this point, Routh is clearly noticed writing notes as well as rubbing head during the recording being heard.

At one point in the call, his sister says in a frantic and scared tone, “He’s crazy! I’m not sure if he is on drugs or not.”

Parrish asks about his past history with drugs and alcohol, the husband answers stating that he has had issues with alcohol in the past but that he had just been diagnosed with PTSD.

After this, Parrish steps down from the stand and Chet Kelley, a friend of Littlefield, comes to the stand. Kelley’s wife had called Littlefield’s wife out of concern once they had heard something was wrong.

Kelley then tried to call Littlefield’s phone and states that he was “overly relieved when a voice answered the phone.” However, it was not Chad’s voice. Kelley states that he did not realize the voice wasn’t Littlefield’s until it spoke stating, “No this isn’t Chad, this is Eddie.”

Kelley said he did know Routh from before that day; Routh’s sister had babysat his children.

After Kelley left the stand, the judge called the end of the day’s trial.

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