The future of Stephenville’s Confederate monument

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6 Responses

  1. michelle D helms says:

    Slavery was probably the foremost cause for succession and the civil war. History of the time bears that out. Should the monument remain? ABSOLUTELY!

  2. Lula Mae Gaines says:

    A spineless Mayor. And two professors who don’t know this history. Slavery was the the sole basis of the Civil War and anyone saying that it was is ignorant. It’s a shame Tarleton stoops so low as to hire two individuals who are so lacking in knowledge. Grow some testicles Mayor Weldon…TSU fire and hire till you get some quality educators.

  3. roy hayes says:

    Put it to a vote for the public. Eventually they will be removed but it will be like a scab that falls off. As for the people who fought for the South the majority did not fight for slavery as most were too poor to afford slaves. They fought to protect their family, friends, and community and for this they should be honored even though the cause was not just. Its funny in a way we as a people want to hold these people responsible for their actions and say they could of just said NO. But on the same note the Federal government keeps in place the electoral college as the government has felt since its beginning that the people were not smart enough to rule themselves and needed a back up. So which is it smart enough to say NO or not smart enough to vote.

  4. Steve Decker says:

    Less than 6% of Confederate soldiers owned slaves at the start of the war, less than 2% of Confederate soldiers in Texas owned slaves. What were the other 94% fighting for?

  5. Jessie says:

    Maybe she needs to return her history degree because she doesn’t seem to know it. She doesn’t even know that’s not the confederate flag, it’s the battle flag of Virginia used by Lee’s army. It didn’t represent the confederacy

  1. September 4, 2017

    […] It was only a matter of time.  The controversy over Confederate statues and monuments has come to Stephenville.  Tarleton’s Texan News Service recently raised the question of the propriety of Stephenville’s own monument to Confederate war dead.  You can read the article here: […]

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