The importance of news

By Makenzie Plusnick

Opinion Editor

Makenzie Plunsick

Recently, Texan News published a story about a former Tarleton State University student who was arrested on charges of indecency with a child. The post on Facebook garnered a few comments questioning why this needed to be posted. If it makes the university look bad, why post it? Why not post the amazing things that former Tarleton students have done? Why do we need to know all the bad things former students have done?

We strive to bring a well-balanced variety of articles to our audience. In our last paper, we had hard news, opinion articles, Tarleton’s students take on political news, stories about people in our community, sports stories and more. The story in question was just one of many things we included to keep students and the community informed about what is happening in the area. It happened in our community, and just like if a former student were to win a prestigious award, one of our journalists wrote about it.

Katharine Graham, Washington Post publisher, once said, “News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising.”

            If Texan News were to just post about the amazing things that Tarleton students do, we would be a printed advertisement for the school. We would be publicity for the school, not a news source. We would be a completely biased machine, pushing out article after article about how great Tarleton is. And isn’t that our main complaint about most news sources? They are all pushing an agenda to support their beliefs?

I am proud that Texan News continues to publish news stories that the community deserves to know about, whether it makes people happy or not. I would not want to be apart of a paper that bows to the pressure of opinions and backlash. We are here to report and tell the truth, even when others want to silence our voice.

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