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By Kayla Zimmerhanzel-

Finals begin today and several groups at Tarleton and the Dick Smith Library are offering a series of events and extended hours to help students not only survive, but be successful during this hectic time.

In preparation for finals, it’s very important to make sure that all assignments are on schedule. Procrastination is not a college student’s best friend.

When coming into finals week you never want to have to play catch up, but instead have a completed to-do list to be able to study the materials required. It is imperative to be organized; your notes in the long run will thank you. It’s not just important to keep your materials organized, but keeping your study space as tidy as possible can help to improve your productivity levels when you need them the most. Free up some space in your area by putting your essential notes and worksheets in some filing cabinets so that they are kept in a safe place, and it will also allow you to find them with ease should you need them. Your organization is key in being able to make it through these important weeks in your life.

If you’re having trouble in your classes, giving up is never the answer. Sometimes it may seem that the professors don’t necessarily care about our grades but honestly they do. Professors have office hours for a reason; take advantage of them. This will only help you more when it comes to studying on your own. Whilst you have the full attention of your professor, don’t be afraid to ask them the best ways in which to study; this could differ depending on your subject. Those who are sitting an IT or technology-based exam may find that answering something like these XK0-004 exam questions gives them a better understanding of the exam itself, or others may find that writing notes and remembering them is better instead. When it comes to studying, there is no right or wrong answer, as you have to do what is in your best interest.

With that being said, Tarleton offers a range of resources to help students during finals week. The Division of Student Life, the Division of Student Success & Multicultural Initiatives and the Dick Smith Library are rolling out sessions on study tips and test-taking strategies, relaxation stations and even a study selfie contest (#TSUStudySelfie) that ends on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Legacy, Bender, Legends and Centennial halls offer intense study group times and free pizza on Dec. 4 for their residents. Free coffee will be provided on Dec. 4 and 5 in the Texan Village Clubhouse.

Photo by Sara Sanderson.

Photo by Sara Sanderson.

Diane Rodriguez, the coordinator for the Division of Student Success, has some helpful tips for students gearing up for finals.

According to Rodriguez, “it is never too late to improve in classes and dropping a course is never the last resort.

Some tips to help you maximize your study time:

  • Start preparing ahead of time. Cramming is not the best way to study, especially if your grade depends on it.
  • Find a quiet, clean study space. Distractions need to be kept at a minimal during finals week.
  • Take study breaks. Not too often but enough that you do not overload your brain.
  • The best way to remember something is to write it down, over and over. Try re-writing notes, flashcards, or outlines.
  • Test your knowledge. It is best to do so with other people but if doing alone then make sure not to cheat.

The Dick Smith Library has started its extended hours for students to prepare for upcoming finals. You can find the schedule here.

The Study Grounds Café inside the library and the Thompson Student Center also will have extended hours. The schedule for hours, study tips sessions and other finals-related services can be found here.

The most important tip during finals weeks is to make sure and get plenty of sleep every night and have a well-nourished body. Good luck to all during this stressful time.

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