Troub’s Take: ‘Baggage Claim’ fails to take flight

By Ian Troub —

Fans of 2011’s “What’s Your Number?” will absolutely adore “Baggage Claim,” the romantic comedy by director David E. Talbert. Everyone else, even those who simply mildly enjoyed Anna Faris’ marriage-craving misadventures, will absolutely loathe “Baggage Claim.”

Photo Courtesy by Fox Searchlight Pictures

Photo Courtesy by Fox Searchlight Pictures

The characters match up equally, from the strong woman played by Paula Patton instead of Faris, the friend/love interest across the hall of the apartment complex played by Derek Luke instead of Chris Evens, and the politician, played by Taye Diggs instead of Anthony Mackie. The premise of this film is equally as ridiculous, and the fact that it’s not even original makes it feel far too cliché to be enjoyable.

Patton plays the role of Montana Moore, a flight attendant with an extensive resumé of exes. They range from a budding rap star to an international hotel chain owner to an up and coming state senator with a dog name Juicy who urinates in every scene she appears in. The goal: find a husband before her youngest sister gets married to a Heisman-hopeful in “30 days and 30,000 miles.”

Naturally, this goal would place pressure on anyone. What is not natural is how Montana deals with this pressure. She uses a slew of ensemble characters playing different roles in the airport, from the check-in desk to airport security, to track down a dozen or so of her exes to see if they’ve grown into groom-material.

Not so shockingly, the surprise romantic interactions all go terribly and her obvious true love is constantly across the hall, being the friend that wants more than a friendship the whole time, even though his own relationship trouble with a two-timing, but gorgeous, Christina Milian.

While this storyline was far too predictable and far too déjà vu, it does maintain a strong sense of comedy, charm, and warmth thanks to the heartwarming, if completely expected ending. I give this 96 minute a 5.5 out of 10.

Ian Troub is a senior Broadcast Journalism student from Copperas Cove, Texas. He currently serves as the Film Critic for Texan News Service. 

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