TSU Transition & Family Relations hosts Waffle Wednesday

By Alyssa Winn – 

Tarleton students and faculty alike decorated waffles for breakfast on Wednesday in the Thompson Student Center lobby.

(Photo courtesy of Lathes Towns)

(Photo courtesy of Lathes Towns)

Tarleton State University’s Transition and Family Relations hosted Waffle Wednesday to help students make plans for the 2013 fall semester. Students could enjoy a waffle breakfast while visiting and reapplying with financial aid, housing, academic advising, scholarships, and dining.

Director of Transition and Family Relations Lathes Towns said she “pulled together a forum of students and I talked to them about what we can do to help them.”

Towns said the students brought up the problem of coming back for housing from freshman year. They said they are sometimes blocked from coming back to school because they get the same place and are late getting their assignments done.

“I remembered one of our students from student activities had brought waffles up one day to share with everybody and I thought it would be great to have a waffle Wednesday,” Towns said, the plan was to “have these different booths that students need before they leave for the summer, like academic advising, so that they could be ready for registration in April.”

Waffle Wednesday lasted from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. in the Thompson Student Center.

The next scheduled Waffle Wednesday will take place Wednesday, April 17.

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